Weatherboard villas connected by timber walkways, thatched-roof buildings, a white-sand beach and sparkling lagoon are the setting for your stay on the island. The accommodation is spacious, with villa sizes up to 159 square metres, and the light interior décor with splashes of bright colour enhances the airy feeling and the comfort of the living areas. Outside your window, the lagoon is a calm blue that merges with the blue of the sky. You will find this the perfect place to dream the day away.

The option of suites and villas allows a choice that is most suitable for you, with beachfront suites having a mezzanine level and providing an attractive option for families, and the villa choice offering ideal accommodation for any need, and including the option of your own private plunge pool.

.Set on stilts over crystal clear waters, the over-water villas enjoy their own sundeck with steps down to the multihued coral reefs, spacious living areas and stunning views. Special villas for families have bunk beds in a children’s area, ensuring that everyone has space and privacy, and childproof locks to the terrace.

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